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Product Overview

The FLUX FLASHMAG is a patent-pending light and carrier. It was neither designed nor intended to be a vertical foregrip.

It does not turn your pistol into an AOW/SBR as it is not a vertical foregrip. It is not a foregrip at all.


Compatible with: G17 22 31 34 35 — GEN 3, 4, 5. The FLASHMAG will also work with the FLUX Brace.

Made in America.

Will Not Work with other pistol brands.

Fits Flush with a G17 Slide.

Accepts Glock double stack magazines.

Made in America.

Compatible Light: Olight Baton S1R II Gen II

ATTENTION: The FLUX FLASHMAG does not include a light.

Recharge battery without removing light via the recharging slot.

Fits Flush with a G17 Slide accepts Glock double stack magazines. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review