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Get A Grip!

The number one question we get asked is how to reduce or control the recoil on any given Glock model. We have many solutions for helping to control a Glocks recoil. Our stainless-steel guide rods add some weight to the front of your Glock which will help with muzzle flip and felt recoil. We sell compensators and custom porting options that use the gasses from your shot to keep the muzzle down. These parts will make a big difference in your shooting and recoil control, but the most important part of recoil control is your Grip.

There are a lot of competing ideas on how to grip a handgun and we won’t get into that in this post. Rather we want to discuss some of the parts and upgrades that you can get for your Glock that will help improve your grip on your Glock. From magazine extensions to custom grip modifications there are a lot of things you can do to enhance your Glock

Magazine Extensions

Glock subcompact guns are great carry options but establishing a good grip can be a challenge. One of the biggest issues is that you are not able to get your Pinky on the grip. While it is still possible to get a good grip on these models this is a disadvantage to you. Many companies make grip extensions and magazine extensions that extend the grip far enough to get your pinky on the grip of your Glock. One of our favorite companies for these parts is Pearce Grips linked for you here. The Pearce +1 extension for the G43 is one of our favorite parts to enhance the grip on your Glock and extends the capacity of your G43.

Stick On Grips

Glock did a lot of things right with their handguns but one of the issues they have never fixed is the texture of the grips. The Gen 3 Glocks are basically smooth and while the Gen 4 and 5 grips were upgraded to have a little more texture, they are still well below the industry standard. The easiest way to fix this issue is with Stick on Grips for your Glock frame. There are a few companies that make these stick-on grips for your Glock in several texture options.

Talon Grips is the biggest name in stick on grips and they make some of our favorites for Glock models. The Talon Grips come in 2 different texture options, Sand and Rubber. The rubber Talon Grips are a great option if you want to improve the grip of your Glock, but you don’t want an aggressive texture. While this texture is the less aggressive option it is very popular for concealed carry guns because it is very comfortable to conceal. The sand texture much more aggressive than the rubber and is the most effective stick-on grip that you can get for your Glock. You do give up some comfort if you conceal carry but the benefits to your grip are worth this small trade off. You can find the Talon Grips available for your model here.

Another great stick-on grip option is from A-Grip. A-Grips use a proprietary material that is the most comfortable option if you concealed carry your Glock. This material is soft and non-slip and more importantly repels moisture. Their claim is that these grips are impervious to sweat and dirt. A-Grip has options for any Glock model and are extremely easy to install on your Glock. You can find all the A-Grip products that we carry here.

Custom Frame Work

If you want the absolute best out of your Glock, we offer custom frame modifications that will turn your Glock into what it should have been from the factory. We offer stippling, undercuts, and finger groove removal to optimize the Grip on your Glock. Glocks are made to work well enough in anyone’s hand, but you can take steps to make your Glock perfect for your hand.

One of the best frame upgrades you can do to your Glock is a trigger guard undercut. One of the most hated parts of the Glock frame is the large trigger guard that does not allow you to get your hand as high on the grip as you want/need to. Getting a higher grip on your gun benefits the height over bore of your Glock which reduces the muzzle flip and felt recoil. Our single and double undercuts help to improve your grip and height over bore and are a great upgrade to any Glock frame.

The Glock finger grooves have been a subject of contention since they were introduced. So much so that on the new Gen 5 models the finger grooves have been removed by Glock. If the Glock finger grooves fit your hand, then you have probably never thought about them. If they don’t fit your hand, it can make shooting uncomfortable and can give you Glock Knuckle by pushing your fingers too high on the frame. Removing the finger grooves on your Glock can help improve your grip. If you do choose to remove the finger grooves on your Glock, we suggest also getting our laser engraved stippling done to get a finished look.

If you like the idea of a stick-on grip but want a permanent solution to the grip issues with Glock, our stippling options are a great option. We offer 3 stippling options that are laser engraved for a perfect finished look on any Glock. Our most aggressive stippling option is our Diamond Plate Stippling. This stippling emulates a diamond plate tool box and greatly increases the texture on your frame. Our middle stippling option is our standard stippling. This stippling is a standard dot texture, while it is not as aggressive as the diamond plate stippling you still get a great amount of texture and a very comfortable feel in your hand. Our least aggressive stippling option is our cube stippling. The Cube stippling has a great pattern that gives your Glock a custom look. While it is our least aggressive stippling option it is a large step above the standard Glock frame. We compare this to the rubber Talon Grips in terms of the grip enhancement. If you are ready to take your Glock frame to the next level take a look at our custom frame modifications here.

However you decide to improve the grip of your Glock we have the pars and services that you need at Don’t forget that all the modifications and parts don’t make any difference if you don’t get out and shoot. Make sure to get out and work on your grip at your local range!

3rd Aug 2022

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