Glock 26 Review

Glock 26 Review

The Glock 26 is a subcompact handgun that has gained a reputation for being reliable, lightweight, and easy to carry. It is often referred to as the "Baby Glock" because it is similar in design to the larger Glock 19, but has a smaller frame and shorter barrel.

One of the standout features of the Glock 26 is its versatility. It has a small enough frame to be easily concealed, making it a popular choice for individuals looking for a concealed carry weapon. However, it also has a high capacity magazine (holding up to 10 rounds), making it suitable for use as a backup gun for law enforcement or for home defense.

One of the main reasons for the Glock 26's popularity is its reliability. It is known for being able to function well in a variety of conditions, including extreme temperatures and environments with sand, dust, or moisture. It also has a simple design with only 34 parts, which makes it easy to maintain and helps reduce the risk of malfunction.

Another advantage of the Glock 26 is its lightweight design. It weighs just under 20 ounces, making it easy to carry around all day without feeling weighed down. The polymer frame also helps reduce the overall weight of the firearm.

One of the potential downsides of the Glock 26 is that it may not be suitable for individuals with larger hands. The grip is relatively small, which can make it difficult for some people to get a good hold on the firearm. However, there are aftermarket grip options available that can help alleviate this issue.

Overall, the Glock 26 is a reliable and versatile firearm that is well-suited for a variety of situations. Whether you are looking for a concealed carry weapon or a backup gun for law enforcement or home defense, the Glock 26 is a solid choice.

4th Jan 2023

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