Butler Creek Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

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Butler Creek offers the best mag loader ever invented! The UpLULA magazine loaders are the top choice for the world's elite military and law enforcement agencies including the IDF (Israeli Army), the FBI Academy and United States Elite Special Operations Units.


Why Choose UpLULA Universal Pistol Loader?

  • No more thumb pain
  • Your thumb does not press on the topmost round in the magazine, rather its a hardened metal beak that does. The rounds just drop in below the lips of the magazine with no finger pushing or pressing the rounds. This way you may load hundreds of rounds, painlessly
  • This truly universal pistol magazine loader handles all Glock 9,40,357,10,45 magazines, both single and double stack. No inserts, spacers or adjustments at all
  • Save space and weight in your range bag. You can toss away all your other mag loaders and use the UpLULA instead.
  • Quick and easy loading of magazines, especially when several magazines are involved. Up to 1 sec. per round loading rate.
  • Save money. You do not need to purchase several other mag loaders for different mags, the UpLULA will load them all.
  • Easy to use. No need of instructions to operate (although instructions are provided).
  • Small, lightweight (66 grams/2.3 Ounce), and fits every pouch and pocket.
  • Tough and durable in extreme environment.
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