Double Diamond Fits G17 Barrel 9mm Stock Length

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Double Diamond factory replacement barrels are made from the best available grade select 416 stainless steel forgings. The barrels are heat treated and precision CNC machined to provide the discerning Glock shooter with increased accuracy and durability at an affordable price. The barrels come with upgraded groove and land rifling to allow for lead, plated or jacketed bullets.

The GS barrels are factory blind marked and do not have any company logos showing on the chamber top or ejection port side for a cleaner look.

Does not fit Gen 5

Special features include :
•Drop in barrels, do not require any gunsmithing
•CNC machined and heat treated select 416R stainless forgings.
•Tighter tolerances that increase accuracy.
•Polished feed ramp and bore
•Increased chamber support
•Approved for use with lead, plated or jacketed bullets.
•Lifetime Warranty

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