Ghost Turbo Maritime Spring Cups for Glocks Gen 1-4 & 42/43

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This will fit all Glock's Gen's 1-4 Including the 42 and 43 The Ghost Turbo Maritime Cups (TMC) are the only Maritime Cups Available that will make your Glock the most reliable by permitting the firing pin to bypass water, oil or debris better than ever through the firing pin channel. This is done by creating voids for the fluids or debris to pass through. This feature insures reliable firing even under water! The Ghost Turbo Maritime Turbo Cups also lessen the friction in the Glock firing pin channel. You can now confidently shoot your Glock to the extreme! You may use this product for all lawful activities.
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2 Reviews

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    Posted by trv131 on 31st Jan 2022

    As always, great products, prices, and service. I have yet to purchase a bad product from ryg.

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    drop-in ignition reliability

    Posted by Steel Reign on 31st Jan 2022

    I own a G21 Gen1 which had some troubles to ignite cartridges with a hard percussion cap such as sellier & bellot. I solved this problem by changing the original firing pin and spring against a RYG titanium firing pin and a extra power spring but there was always a doubt that my gun could fail to fire in the moment my life depends on it. With the Ghost Turbo Maritime Spring Cups built in too now i know that there is nothing more i could do to improve the ignition reliability. Maybe the difference is just in my mind but i do feel better now using the Ghost Turbo Maritime Spring Cups.

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