GTUL Magazine Tool and Brush Combo 10MM and .45ACP

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GTUL has developed an integrated system to disassemble and clean the Glock magazines. For use by Law Enforcement, competitive shooters and all those who demand positive ammunition feeding. This system addresses an often overlooked area of firearm maintenance for your Glock, cleaning the magazines. You can now take apart your magazines without marring, gouging, or damaging the metal liner. Quickly remove dirt, dust, powder residue and grime that may hinder reliability and cause a failure to feed. This kit includes the magazine brush designed for use with the Disassembly Tool. The handle has a metal punch which can be used to depress the retaining pin on Glock magazines. The brush is used to clean away dirt, grime, and powder residue from inside the magazine tube and other parts. Includes a punch on the base of the brush to disassemble the Glock pistol. This GTUL tool and brush works with all 10MM and .45ACP Glock magazines.
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