RYG Low Friction Brass Channel Liner For Glock

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  • RYG Low Friction Brass Channel Liner For Glock
  • RYG Low Friction Brass Channel Liner For Glock


Low Friction Brass Channel Liner- Fits All Models

The RYG Low Friction Brass Channel Liner is a new innovation from Rock Your Glock. One of the problems we have encountered with trigger kits for Glock Pistols is the issue of light primer strikes with reduced powered striker springs. The new Brass channel liner reduces the friction between the channel liner and the firing pin assembly which allows for more reliability with reduced power springs. 
If you want to reduce the poundage on your trigger pull or just want a smoother trigger this part is just what you need.

-41% reduction in friction with the firing pin assemnly
-Allows for the use of reduced firing pin springs with a major reduction in light primer strikes
-Removable without any tools for easy cleaning/maintenance
-Low friction brass allows for a lifetime of use
-Much less fragile than OEM channel liners
-The more it is used the less friction there will be

Not compatible with G42, 43, 43x, 48
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7 Reviews

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    RYG Low Friction Brass Channel Liner For Glock

    Posted by Terry on 23rd Jan 2023

    Well, there was no resistance to the brass liner going in. It isn't held in by friction like the plastic one is. I'm taking it to the range to fire it tomorrow. The trigger seems a little harder to pull now but I'll test that with a trigger pull gauge.

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    Brass Channel Liner

    Posted by Jeff Bailey on 6th Jul 2022

    Nice, thin brass tube. Nice & slick. Easy install.

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    Posted by Curtis Shreve on 10th May 2022

    The difference in dry firing was obvious. The difference in my shot group was satisfying. These are going in all of my Glocks.

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    WOW....like magic!!

    Posted by tiblwo on 31st Jan 2022

    Didn't know until I saw this on the site that a different channel liner could make the trigger better...... WOW, what a difference in my G26!!! We had to switch back to the OEM trigger connector b/c it too lite with a Ghost in it. Polished the OEM up replaced it and BAM, what a difference, shoots like a match trigger on my sniper rifle now!! Trigger gauge breaks at 4.1 lbs reliably now.....Perfect!!! Great idea!

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    Brass Channel Liner...THIS WORKS GREAT!!

    Posted by tiblow on 31st Jan 2022

    Used in a Gen 4 G26...AWESOME, what a marked difference in the trigger and actually using a Ghost 3.5lb connector with it caused the trigger to jump to 7.3lb with a crunchy pull. With the liner went back to the OEM connector and she was 3.7lb, GREAT PART!!

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    Truly Brilliant After-Market Part

    Posted by Thompson on 31st Jan 2022

    Several years ago I wanted someone to manufacture and offer a metal Channel Liner, as I thought it would be superior to the plastic OEM part, and solve a few issues. FINALLY it's here!! This simple part is AMAZING!! The fit and finish of this Brass Channel Liner is flawless. It is not designed to fit tight like the plastic OEM part. It drops in and drops out easily for cleaning. It absolutely reduces friction with the Striker assembly, which results in being able to run a lighter striker spring that fully and quickly resets the trigger fully forward, while allowing a smooth and lighter trigger pull. This is a must have part, whether for competition or carry, where you need a smooth, light and reliable trigger pull. I initially purchased four units for my competition Glocks; and now that I've tested them at the range, with noticeable great results, I'll order more units for my carry Glocks. This is a MUST HAVE aftermarket part. Thank You for bringing this very useful part to market!!

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    Posted by hipshot on 31st Jan 2022

    this part is to small, falls in & out of my gen4 G34.

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