RYG Phantom Trigger Install Kit

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A new take on our classis Phantom Adjustable Trigger is finally here. The Phantom Trigger Install Kit includes our Phantom Trigger show and safety along with everything you need, except a drill, to install this on your own trigger bar. This is a great option if you have an aftermarket trigger bar that you like or if we are out of stock on the full triggers for your model and generation. 

Only available in Black for the Trigger Shoe and Trigger Safety currently.

Included in Package:

-Phantom Adjustable Trigger Shoe


-Drill Bit

-Install and Adjustment Allen Wrench



-Use the included Punch and Block to push out the pin holding your OEM trigger shoe to your trigger bar. Note- once your OEM trigger shoes is removed this oem shoe is destroyed and will not be able to be installed again.

-Use the included Drill Bit to enlarge the now exposed hole in your trigger bar. This hole needs to be slightly larger to fit the set screw for your new trigger shoe.

-Place your trigger shoe on the trigger bar, lining up the hole in your trigger with the now enlarged hole on your trigger bar. Use the included set screw to mount the trigger shoe to your trigger bar. We do suggest that you use red loctite on the set screw so that it will not back out. 

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