Tyrant CNC Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO Magwell

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  • Tyrant CNC Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO Magwell
  • Tyrant CNC Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO Magwell


Introducing the Sig Sauer P365 X Macro Magwell by Tyrant CNC - the perfect upgrade to take your P365 to the next level. CNC machined from high-quality 6061 aluminum, this P365 magwell is designed to enhance your shooting experience by providing a larger funnel for faster and smoother magazine changes. Modeled specifically for the P365 X Macro 17 round magazine and frame, this Tyrant CNC made magwell retains a slim profile to help prevent printing when concealed carrying.


Faster reloads, seconds gained

In a competition as well as real life, it can come down to microseconds. Time is critical no matter the situation, especially the vulnerable time between magazine changes. The enhanced ergonomics of our Sig Sauer P365 Magwell will reduce that vulnerable time.


How it works

The Tyrant CNC magwell for the Sig Super P365 x macro attaches to the bottom of the P365 X Macro grip module by using a supplied screw. The Sig P365 X Macro Magwell is specifically engineered to fit seamlessly onto your P365 without any modifications. It offers a slim profile and ergonomic shape that upgrades the overall look and feel of your firearm. With its extremely precise machining and aluminum construction, you can rest assured that this X Macro magwell will thrive in hard-use conditions.



Made to Fit

After reverse engineering and modeling the P365 macro grip module, we carefully built out our P365 X Macro magwell. We made sure to have enough tolerance for any deviation the grip module molds may have, yet ensured there was still a tight fit/lock up around the grip module. The result? A tight-fitting and accommodating magwell!

Perfect for Everyday Carry

Low profile to not print when conceal carrying, yet robust enough to help funnel mags under duress. This magwell will also add surface area to your grip module, acting as a pinky rest and as well as gives the operator additional leverage to combat recoil.

  • Fits P365 XMacro grip module only
  • Compatible with OEM 17rnd magazine
  • Compatible with Tyrant 365 magazine extension 
  • Fits on California compliant versions
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